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Veterans United employees "drop down" to support veteran Mark Lupatsky and his family

COLUMBIA, MO – What can you do in 90 seconds? Brush your teeth, perhaps call a friend, check your email, or maybe even raise over $30,000? Believe it or not, you can do a great deal of things in 90 seconds, even raise thousands of dollars. Through Pushups for Charity, an annual fundraising event, participants are given 90 seconds to complete as many pushups as time allows; each pushup completed raises money for the Boot Campaign, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping our veterans.

Undoubtedly many people—scarred from middle school P.E. class—are intimidated by the dreaded, laborious exercise known as a pushup. Yet, military personnel are required to complete hundreds to thousands of pushups, in perfect form, throughout their careers. Pushups for Charity encourages people to “drop down” and support our service members in 90 seconds – a small sacrifice compared to those of our military.

Army Combat Engineer Mark Lupatsky knows a few things about sacrifice. After serving more than seven years with the United States Army, Lupatsky had over a dozen close calls with explosives. He had one of the toughest and most critical jobs as a Lead Truck Gunner. “We drove around looking for bombs,” Lupatsky explained. This occupation led to several dangerous situations – leaving Lupatsky mentally and physically scarred.

Veterans United employees may not have the pushup perfected yet, but we certainly recognize a great cause when we see one.The Veterans United Foundation wanted to assist Lupatsky and his family when he returned home from Iraq in early 2013. As a result, over 175 Veterans United employees participated in Pushups for Charity this past May. The end result? $30,000 donated to a new, mortgage free home for the Lupatsky family. That is a lot of pushups.

Operations Director for the Boot Campaign, Gwen Lammers declared, “Veterans United Foundation is comprised of a team that truly "walks the walk" when it comes to supporting military heroes and their families!"  Thanks to our passionate employees and outstanding partnerships, Mark Lupatsky and his family moved into a new, four-bedroom home last May. Opportunely for Mark, 90 seconds of donated time and dedicated people prove one can accomplish just about anything. For more information on this story please see the video below.

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