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COLUMBIA, MO – Service members live and breathe the motto “no one gets left behind.” Whether it is on the battlefield, carrying out a mission, or returning home from overseas, no one gets left behind. Thus, when a group of Vietnam veterans became aware of their fellow comrades resorting to homelessness after service, they felt the need to make sure no one was left on the streets.

The group of veterans started Welcome Home, Inc. in 1992 after pooling together resources to fund and build a homeless shelter in Columbia, MO. Today, this shelter is more than just living quarters to dozens of veterans. Welcome Home, Inc. is a community based program that enables homeless veterans to return to society as productive, self-supporting citizens. The nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing emergency food, shelter, transportation, and clothing to veterans of the United States of America.

In honor of Veterans Day 2013, Veterans United employees had the opportunity to partner with Team Rubicon to perform a “service project” at the shelter.  Through this collaboration, Welcome Home, Inc. received many external and internal renovations. The team built and repaired kitchen cabinetry, mended outdoor fencing, winterized the shelter’s garden area, trimmed trees, and more! This considerable group effort truly reiterated that a strong foundation is built together.

Veterans United is a proud sponsor of Welcome Home, Inc. To learn more about how to donate or volunteer with this organization, please visit

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