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Foundation Stories > Veterans United Foundation Announces Inaugural Foundation Committee Members

The final votes are in! Veterans United has voted for their inaugural Foundation Committee. Congratulations to:

Jena Strobel: "Everyone has a story. Whether that story is full of hardships or full of opportunities, people develop diverse characteristics throughout their lives that shape who they will be. Our nation's active military and veterans deserve to have their stories heard. Through the Veterans United Foundation I hope for the opportunity to listen to these stories and play a role in enhancing our outreach to the military community. If elected as a committee member of the Veterans United Foundation I will utilize my skills in public service and policy. As I continue my education in pursuing a master's in Public Affairs I hope to make a difference in the lives of those serving and those who have served our country."

Michael Price: "Speaking from the heart, I want you to understand how much I long to be a valuable part of this new committee. Giving back to others, positive energy, and the showing of compassion are just a few of the innate qualities I will bring to our foundation each and every time I interact with its cause. After working here for three and a half years, I am extremely excited to have an opportunity not only to provide a resource for the people our foundation will serve, but I will have the means to give back to our great employees through my dedication and hard work. I have always proved successful while leading within the organizations of my past, and I am humbled by this opportunity to represent our amazing team! I strongly urge you to provide me this opportunity and discover what I can bring to our Veterans United Foundation."

Liz Harris: "Of all the company values, it's enhancing lives I've always held closest to my heart. Working at VUHL is where my respect for our military and its veterans has grown immensely. I genuinely understand the level of responsibility associated with being chosen to be your voice within the Foundation and will approach the opportunity with an open-mind and support for your ideas. Combining my solid passion for enhancing our veteran's and service member's lives with an open-mind and sense of responsibility to you, I believe I'll be a great asset to the VU Foundation committee."

Ross Pierson: "We all fall into a cycle of living which, through our own struggles, leaves little time or resources for helping others. I feel that I am a representative of that standard, but thankfully this also comes with an inherent awareness and understanding of why we fall into this pattern. Using that information, I hope to be a voice for the average person who, when made aware of the needs of others, has enormous potential to make a difference. Through research into new allocations and opportunities, I hope to help Veterans United Foundation create a new norm, categorized by the average person giving, doing and caring more."

This is a very exciting time for all of us! Having the Committee in place will allow the Foundation to move forward and reach out to those in need. The four Veterans United employees will serve on the Foundation Committee for the next six months. They are committed to fulfilling their duty as a voice for the Foundation, promising to enhance lives in local communities in which we serve, as well as our military community. Let's all celebrate and get excited for the future of the Foundation!

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